Saturday 7 July 2018 Meeting 10am - 3.30pm

NB the Sat meetings are now on the first Saturday of the month.

Workshop with  Jo Dixey - Demonstration on mounting embroidery, free workshop for members. Bring a piece of finished embroidery to learn the techniques. Needs list next newsletter. 

'Journey in Stitching' with Robyn Hart

If you are interested in learning to stitch, creating a new project or just completing an unfinished project you are invited to join Robyn on Thursdays from 10am to 12 at the Textile Arts Centre, 25 Poronui St Mt Eden.

Robyn is happy to tutor beginners, provide projects for more experienced embroiderers, and assist those who have unfinished projects.

Classes will generally run through school term times, at a cost of $10 per session or $80 for a term.

Please direct enquiries to Robyn :- email phone 6233263 / 0211551465

Conference After Classes in Auckland 

Hazel Blompkamp - Audrey the Ostrich

Phillipa Turnbull - The Jacobean Stag

Details in the AEG Feb 2018 newsletter.

Contact Trish Hughes for bookings (

Two Day 'Getting Started in Design' workshop with Shirley Pygott

This workshop covers the fundamentals of design and is especiallly suitable for those who would like to design their own pieces but don't know where to start.  Se the May newsletter for a review.

When: Saturday August 4th and Saturday August 18th, 10am to 3pm each day

Cost: $50 for AEG members thanks to an ANZEG Education Grant, non AEG members $90 plus a $15 partial kit cost payable on the first day for notes, some art materials, use of printer and simple design tools provided.

Where: AEG Rooms

Price: $50 plus $15 for notes [subbed for AEG members] 

Simple exercises will help you to identify the different components of a design, how to generate original ideas from the exercises and how to explore and choose colour schemes for your designs. Skill in drawing is not necessary, as the focus is on using alternative methods to observe and record ideas, explore colour and design ideas, and how to take those ideas on to the next step. This class is also suitable for those wanting to extend their skills further. 

 The first day is spent exploring, different  design principles and trying various design methods. These exercises will lead to the development of an original design (or two) on the second day, and there will be the opportunity to start stitching - either samples or towards a finished piece. 

 Needs List

  •   A wide selection of magazine cuttings and/or photographs – the subject matter can be anything that appeals to you to be used as starting points for designs. Please bring copies rather than originals of anything that matters as we will be cutting and/or drawing on some of these 
  •  Paper scissors, and glue or glue stick 
  • Clear file or folder 
  • Approx. 20 pages each of  plain A4 and tracing paper
  • 2 Black marker pens or similar  approx. size 05 micron and 1.0 micron 
  • Pen, pencil, rubber, ruler 
  • Some examples of the kind of textile designs that appeal to you – your Threads magazines may be a good place to find these, but look beyond the latest issue 
  • You will need  fabric and thread for the second day -we will discuss what you may need at the end of the first day

Contact Sarah Ashmore phone 356-7169 or  email to register.

One Day 'Transferring Designs Onto Fabric' workshop with Nola Dicks-Johnston

We will cover quite a few different ways in which designs and images can be transferred onto fabric, everyone should go away having tried several different techniques as this is a very hands on workshop. In order to fully participate in the workshop there will be quite a bit to gather beforehand, but will not be anything too difficult to lay your hands on (eg photocopies of design etc).  Needs list to be provided.

When:Saturday 1st September 

10am to 3pm

Cost: $25 for AEG members thanks to an ANZEG Education Grant, non AEG members $45

Where: AEG Rooms

Contact Sarah Ashmore phone 356-7169 or  email for more details and registration.

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